Wedding Music by Angel Espinoza

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Together, we'll weave a spell of enchantment to make your wedding day truly magical.

Unveil the magic on your wedding day with Angel, the versatile and bilingual vocalist who possesses a treasure trove of timeless melodies in her repertoire. Serenading you with a captivating blend of standard love songs, popular pop and rock hits, cherished old-school tunes, soulful country melodies, and the passionate flair of Latin and Mariachi music, she embodies the true essence of musical diversity.

Having graced numerous weddings and other prestigious singing engagements, including private gatherings for esteemed celebrities, Angel’s voice is a symphony of beauty that will envelop your special day in pure enchantment. Witness the ethereal atmosphere she creates as her enchanting melodies resonate with your hearts, leaving you and your guests spellbound by the allure of her performance. Let Angel orchestrate an extraordinary wedding experience, where dreams and melodies intertwine to craft a magical celebration for all to cherish.


Beautiful music for your wedding day

Music for your ceremony

As guests arrive to your wedding, Angel will provide 45 minutes of music before the ceremony and will then sing an entrance song for the wedding party precessional, an interlude and a recessional song.

at your favorite spot

In a beautiful outdoor location in the mountains, on the beach or your favorite resort venue. Angel will be able to accommodate your musical needs.

Music for your ceremony & cocktail hour

Angel will customize a song list for your ceremony and cocktail hour. You can choose to have standard love songs mixed with some pop, country and rock classics for your cocktail hour or you may choose to have Angel sing some Mariachi favorites dressed elegantly in he Traje de Charro, giving your event a special flair.



Angel will work with you in customizing your wedding music for your ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and special song requests.

Your music can be a mix of both Spanish and English songs, or one or the other.

Angel also sings traditional Mariachi songs and wears a traje de charro upon request.

If you have a traditional Catholic Mass  in mind, Angel can sing the Catholic mass upon request